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Christopher Hubbart raped 38 women and will walk free

01 Nov

Rape is a serious case that a lot of people experience, mostly by women. By definition, it is a type of sexual assault that usually involves sexual intercourse, by one person against another person without that person’s consent. When a person becomes a rape victim, he or she is filled with grief and sorrow.

Rape is a heinous crime. It can break a person down, and if people around the victim fails to give proper support and love, then it might be possible that he/she develops fears and mental instability. So, the law ensures that the rape offender gets punished if he or she is proven guilty of the crime.

However, an article posted at Perth Now says the other way around. According to the report, American Christopher Hubbard has raped about 38 women but will walk free despite the charges given to him.

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Playboy tycoon Eike Batista files for bankruptcy in Brazil

01 Nov

Bankruptcy can happen to any business or a family and the sad truth is that most people do not see this coming until it is too late. Obviously, bankruptcy is a result of poor financial decisions over a long time that could have accumulated into a huge mess. In the simpler sense, it is overspending more than you earn.

There are many reasons or financial crises that could lead to the edge of bankruptcy. And to the Brazilian billionaire and CEO of EBX Group Eike Batista, being a symbol of Brazil’s economic boom is not an excuse for being bankrupted. Recently, he filed a bankruptcy protection for his OGX Oil Company.

According to a report published by Perth Now, Eike Batista filed for bankruptcy protection for his OGX Petroleo e Gas Participacoes SA, part of his EBX Group conglomerate before a Rio de Janeiro state court.

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