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Looking For A Quality Commercial Cleaning Company in Perth, WA?

02 Dec

If you are running a business, cleaning your office is the last thing you want to spend your valuable time on.

Southern Cross Cleaning PerthHowever, finding a reliable cleaning company that is worth it’s money can be quite frustrating. You could just hand the task over to your personal assistant and get him or her to get a couple of quotes. They will then usually go to Google and search for something like “office cleaning“.

If you are lucky the company that is good at cleaning offices is also good at optimising their website for Google and other search engines. Most of the time that’s probably not the case.

We’ve recently had the same experience until we found the guys from SouthernCrossCleaningWA in East Victoria Park. If you are based in Perth, Western Australia we highly recommend to check them out.

Unless other companies in this industry they are actually WA owned and operated and have been around for more than two decades now. Customer service is quite good and you will be speaking to Australians as they don’t outsource to India or some other “cheap labor” country.

What’s your experience with finding good cleaners? Any tips that might be helpful for our readers? Please share and save us all some valuable time that we can much better spend working on our business rather than looking for people to clean it!

Six questions start-ups must ask

05 Sep

Unlike larger organisations, start-ups can often flourish in a challenging economic condition. That’s because they are more agile and flexible in reacting to market conditions. In addition to, they are also more motivated to bring their products and services to market quickly. On the other hand, large companies are usually slower to innovate than smaller companies with less internal hierarchy because of their complex structure.

Start-ups are also best when the economy is down because people are desperate for work, so you may snag some truly talented employees who might never have given your start up business a second look a few years ago.

However, since most small business owners simply do not have the skill set necessary to make this work, it is very risky to invest for an individual to invest in their own money in a start-up company.

Luckily, you can check out an article published at WAtoday My Small Businesses. The article can help you understand how to fight against the risks of running a business start-up. It features 6 questions start-ups should ask.

You can find the full article here:

Seven reasons customers are ditching your business

25 Aug

A business can generate profit only when it has a committed and loyal following of customers. The life of your business revolves around the information you acquire about your customer; it does not matter whether your business is small, or you are running a large business. By having returning and satisfied customers, profits can be maximised on a continued basis. It can be done only through a personal touch.

Your business will meet its success by building and keeping up customer information and their activities. This will help make you to make changes that will meet the expectation of your customers. So if you want to execute an extensive plan that will promote mutually beneficial relationship with your regular customers, you need to have an adequate training and firm observance of policy.

A blog post published at Business can help your brand build strong relationship with your customers. The blog post talks about seven reasons why customers are leaving your business.

You can read the blog post here:

Pricing strategies for small businesses

20 Aug

Product pricing refers to the decisions you make to meet your marketing objectives within a certain market. Price is part of the marketing mix which includes place, promotion, product and research. The market size, competition, buyer behaviour, company objectives, and the company’s product portfolio are the main factors that affect the product pricing. Businesses know that product pricing would be a standard part of the product development definition. However, too often they skip over it because it seems too hard to do.

The value of product and service pricing can never be under-stressed. Numerous experts have written articles providing templates on computing the “correct” price for almost all situations. However, the dynamic changes in the industries and markets make setting up the prices difficult. No matter how your product is priced today, there is a good chance that it could be priced much better if only you knew how to do it

An article posted by Gayle Bryant at WAtoday can help you with this important subject of your small business. The article talks about pricing strategies you can use for your own business.

You can check out the full article here:

Locating your Business at Home

10 Aug

A lot of people simply do not have the time to devote to a regular job due to geographic restraints or family commitments. So, most of these people opt to get their laptops and start working online at their homes.

Over the last few years working from home has become a lot more popular. The advent of internet and the improvements in technology have allowed so many new businesses to operate solely in the online domain. This advancement also helps to keep overheads to a minimum since you do not have to spend for your transportation, clothing, rent, etc.

A lot of people do it because for them it is easier and more convenient because they can do all the things that they want at their own pace and time. Moreover, they don’t have to leave their homes and go to the office or work place.

If you are planning to operate your own business at home, you can check out an article posted at Small Business Development Corporation, Western Australia for more information. The article can help you understand the pros and cons of operating business at home, as well the legal matters you need to take care of.

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Business Management Skills

29 Jul

Regardless the company you work for or the size of the team that you supervise, management skills make you find success with your career. Business management skills are strong tools in the hands of the manager.

If you are running a business, then you will require certain skills to ensure the success of the business venture. There are many business management skills required to successfully run a business. These core skills are important to make the business a profitable and successful venture.

Obviously, business managers should all be business minded. And business minded individual must learn to look at the bigger picture and the long-term opportunities that help the business reach their goals in terms of profits.

If you want to learn some tips on how you can improve your business management knowledge, you can check out an article published at The article talks about what business management skills are, why you need develop one, and what their effects are to your business.

You can read the full article here:

Mental Health

02 Jul

What is mental health? How and why is it important to your business? Mental health basically is the positive wellness of the mind. It includes the ability to enjoy life and emotional well being. People who have mental health know how to cope up with everyday demands and stress.

Mental health is very vital to your well-being because it helps you to express your positive emotions in a normal way. Expressing your expressions in a positive manner is very important because it can help you fight against depression, abuse of alcohol and even drug addiction.

Why is mental health important to your business? To know the answer, you can read an article posted at which talks about mental health. It can help you to maintain good mental health in your workplace and it can also teach you how to cope up with such issue.

Check out the full article here:

Employing People

28 Jun

Hiring the right people who will represent you and your company is very essential and it doesn’t matter how small your business is. Culture and values are just as important to small and medium-sized businesses as it to large corporations.

Moreover, your employees are one of your greatest assets. Once you already have your productive staff, everything in your business will work well. They can play a very important role for your business’s success; they can bring exciting, dynamic ideas and possibilities.

An article published at can help you understand some of the most important things you need to learn about employment – the definition of employment, the types of employment, your obligations as an employer, the steps of recruitment selection etc.

You can check out the full article here:

Business Plan

26 Jun

Do you have an idea how important a business plan is? Your business plan is like your company’s calling card. It allows you to speak directly to your investors because it contains relevant information that can influence your business decisions. It is more than just a plan about your business; it is also your communication tool selling your marketing, sales and operations.

However, you should use your business plan to present business concepts in a way other people can understand. You should focus exactly on what you want to achieve, where you want to go and how you plan to get it there.

For more information about business plan, you can check out an article published by the Small Business Development Corporation Wester Australia. It talks about industrial analysis, marketing plan, etc.

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Product Innovation

24 Jun

Nowadays, it is not enough to just make quality products to maintain your share in the market. Every company needs to have innovative products in order for them to survive today’s competition. That is because consumers do not want products that are described as out of date; if you will not improve your products, you will surely loss your market share.

Product innovation is the development done by companies to make better products for the consumer. These new products improve on the usefulness of the same products of the market. Companies that always try to produce innovative products are able to give themselves advantage over their competitors.

For more information about product innovation, you can check out an article posted at Small Business Corporation Western Australia, which talks about some of the most important things you need to learn about product information.

Read the full article here:

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