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Pricing strategies for small businesses

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Product pricing refers to the decisions you make to meet your marketing objectives within a certain market. Price is part of the marketing mix which includes place, promotion, product and research. The market size, competition, buyer behaviour, company objectives, and the company’s product portfolio are the main factors that affect the product pricing. Businesses in Perth know that product pricing would be a standard part of the product development definition. However, too often they skip over it because it seems too hard to do.

The value of product and service pricing can never be under-stressed. Numerous experts have written articles providing templates on computing the “correct” price for almost all situations. However, the dynamic changes in the industries and markets make setting up the prices difficult. No matter how your product is priced today, there is a good chance that it could be priced much better if only you knew how to do it.

An article posted by Gayle Bryant at WAtoday can help you with this important subject of your small business. The article talks about pricing strategies you can use for your own business.

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We also published an article about employing people.

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Tips for having difficult conversations at work

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Being the leader of a team, there are several issues and topics that might need to be discussed in order to give people professional feedback. There are certain issues such as someone’s hygiene, punctuality, work practices, interpersonal skills or inappropriate language that needs to be corrected. So, if you are responsible for leading or managing people, there is a good chance that one day you will need to hold a difficult conversation.

One of the most important skills for a leader to have is to conduct difficult conversations with employees effectively. However, the most challenging conversations seem to be the ones involving personal habits; difficult conversations come in all shapes and sizes. Handling them effectively means you will need to come up with clever, creative, and direct solutions.

The problem is that most people avoid having difficult conversations. But, if you are able to have the courage to do them, as well as the skills to conduct them effectively, you’ll be able to overcome that issue, your team will respect you, and you will carry out for personal and business goals.

Lynda McAlary-Smith published an interesting article at WAtoday can help you with your conversational problems at work. The article teaches some tips on how you can overcome difficult conversations.

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Locating your Business at Home

Pricing strategies for small businesses

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Locating your Business at Home

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A lot of people in Perth simply do not have the time to devote to a regular job due to geographic restraints or family commitments. So, most of these people opt to get their laptops and start working online at their homes.

Over the last few years working from home has become a lot more popular. The advent of internet and the improvements in technology have allowed so many new businesses to market in social media and search engine, and to operate solely in the online domain. This advancement also helps to keep overheads to a minimum since you do not have to spend for your transportation, clothing, rent, etc.

A lot of people do it because for them it is easier and more convenient because they can do all the things that they want at their own pace and time. Moreover, they don’t have to leave their homes and go to the office or work place.

If you are planning to operate your own business at home, you can check out an article posted at Small Business Development Corporation, Western Australia for more information. The article can help you understand the pros and cons of operating business at home, as well the legal matters you need to take care of.

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Don’t let renovations do your block

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The prices of residential properties in Perth have dramatically gone down to significantly more affordable rates resulted from the sudden surge of foreclosures all throughout several countries all over the world. So, more and more people these days are discovering the great benefits of buying a foreclosed home. And with this in mind, choosing a foreclosed property will most likely require you to perform one or several repairs or renovations. On the other hand, renovation is not only for foreclosed houses. Some homeowners are remodelling with the intent to sell their home, or have just decided for an upgrade to their home.

Home renovation and property development can be costly and time consuming. However, regardless of your budget or timeline, this project not only increases the value of your home, but also make for a more comfortable and attractive living environment.

You can check out an article posted at if you want to learn more on how to effectively renovate your home even if you are in a tight budget. The article aims to teach homeowners how to properly use their $200 thousand for their home renovation.

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Selection and Recruitment

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We cannot deny the fact that the success of any firm depends on the quality of human resources or talents in that firm. Therefore, the most important job of a Human Resources (HR) officer is the selection and hiring/recruitment of employees. When there is an opening in a firm, it is always very important for the HR department to all the applicants that can fit perfectly into certain positions.

A human resources expert needs to be very sure when hiring the right staff without compromising anything from the onset. While sourcing for talents, you should also put check if these staff can deliver what you expect. Furthermore, you should know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

A candidate’s competency can be seen in his skills, educational qualifications, mental health, knowledge, abilities, achievements, strengths, social roles, self image, attitudes and goals.

An article published at can help you with this type of Human Resources task. The article talks about the basic steps you can follow for your selection and recruitment process for you to be able to get the best persons for the job you need.

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What Australians look for in their bosses

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Becoming a good boss is not something that takes overnight because it is an ongoing learning process with struggles along the way. However, once you are able to achieve a perfect balance among the needs of your employees, your business goals and personal needs, you know that you are on your way to becoming an effective and good employer.

Finding that balance is a challenge task, but there are some techniques you can do to keep employees happy; you can motivate them to do their best. Building a spirit of teamwork can be a great move. Another great way to be perceived as a good boss is to show a professional side. It is good to find ways to connect with employees; let them be inspired by what you do and how you act.

The next thing you can do is to know what they expect from you. An article posted at can help you know what your employees want you to be. The article talks about what Western Australians look for their bosses.

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Business Management Skills

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Regardless the company you work for or the size of the team that you supervise, management skills make you find success with your career. Business management skills are strong tools in the hands of the manager.

If you are the boss of a business in Perth, then you will require certain skills to ensure the success of the business venture. There are many business management skills required to successfully run a business. These core skills are important to make the business a profitable and successful venture.

Obviously, business managers should all be business minded. And business minded individual must learn to look at the bigger picture and the long-term opportunities that help the business reach their goals in terms of profits.

If you want to learn some tips on how you can improve your business management knowledge, you can check out an article published at The article talks about what business management skills are, why you need develop one, and what their effects are to your business.

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Mental Health

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What is mental health? How and why is it important to your business? Mental health basically is the positive wellness of the mind. It includes the ability to enjoy life and emotional well being. People who have mental health know how to cope up with everyday demands and stress.

Mental health is very vital to your well-being because it helps you to express your positive emotions in a normal way. Expressing your expressions in a positive manner is very important because it can help you fight against depression, abuse of alcohol and even drug addiction.

Why is mental health important to your business in Perth? To know the answer, you can read an article posted at which talks about mental health. It can help you to maintain good mental health in your workplace and it can also teach you how to cope up with such issue.

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Investing in property, are you sure?

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If driven correctly, property investments can be a very successful investment “vehicle” because they can yield very good profits. Although property investment can be relatively advantageous, there are certain risks inherent in the investment process. To ensure a positive outcome, it is always important to understand and manage these risks.

Just like what most people say and believe, there is no profit without risk in any field most especially with property investment. Generally, risks in property investment in Perth WA are far more than potential rewards. So, always advisable to understand the risk factors before investing to minimise the risks associated with it.

Luckily, an article published at PerthNow can help you to know the risks involved with real estate investment. The article can help you understand what makes this type of investment risky.

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Employing People

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Hiring and recruiting the right people who will represent you and your company is very essential and it doesn’t matter how small your business is. Culture and values are just as important to small and medium-sized businesses as it to large corporations.

Moreover, your employees are one of your Perth business‘ greatest assets. Once you already have your productive staff, everything in your business will work well. They can play a very important role for your business’s success; they can bring exciting, dynamic ideas and possibilities.

An article published at can help you understand some of the most important things you need to learn about employment – the definition of employment, the types of employment, your obligations as an employer, the steps of recruitment selection etc.

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